About DevSmash

I have a bit of a confession to make: this is not the site that I intended to build. Not even remotely, to tell the truth. The site that was supposed to be here was conceived of back in 2008, and, unlike what is here today, was designed to be a feature-rich, community-driven developer portal with an aim at being a sounding board for the community at large. There's a longer version of this story, but suffice it to say that this site has been rebuilt approximately 5 times on top of a variety of platforms with varying feature sets, but each time it fell victim to a bad case of not good enough syndrome.

In the interest of seeing DevSmash finally pushed through to production, therefore, I have recreated this site from scratch once more - but this time with a very purposeful release early, release often mentality. And so, to put an end to my hobby of rewriting DevSmash over and over (and over...), it is now released as a plain and simple developer blog. But more important than all of those features that it now lacks, is the fact that it actually, well, exists.

Who is Jeremy Martin?

The maintainer of this site. I'm a software developer, full-stack scalability nut, Node.js enthusiast and contributor, Open Source Evangelist at SPARC, LLC (the best place to work in South Carolina!), and husband to the greatest gal on the planet.

Feature Roadmap:

To help keep me accountable to the "release often" part of my new mantra, I've decided to list a general roadmap of the features I intend to implement. If you haven't seen this change in awhile, do me a favor and hassle me a bit.


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  • Blog post tagging, with related navigational features
  • Project landing pages for various OS repos
  • Open Source the DevSmash site
  • Start implementing community-driven features


If you have any questions, comments, or bugs to report, I would love to hear about them at admin{at}devsmash{dot}com.