Welcome to DevSmash!

Thank you for checking out the inaugural post here on DevSmash! This is somewhat of a meta-post, as I really don't have an objective at the moment beyond introducing you to the site and getting the ball rolling.

So, what is DevSmash?

At this point in time, DevSmash is just a plain and simple developer blog.

(You can stop reading here. The rest is just story time.)

In truth, when I began working on this site back in 2008, I had a much different vision in mind. At the time, I had been maintaining another developer-oriented blog, and it was beginning to see a pretty steady flow of traffic. As the volume of readers increased, I began to notice that often times the comments on a post were far more valuable than the post itself. As this pattern continued, post after post, I was one day convinced of the obvious: even on my own blog, I was not, nor would I ever be, the most intelligent voice in the room. In fact, in an admittedly cheesy sense, usually no single person is. When it comes to we developers, the best and most interesting content comes from the collective knowledge and experience of the whole community. That struck me as a much more rewarding voice to begin promoting; rather than focus on my own musings, why not pour some energy into creating an effective sounding board for the community at large? And just like that, DevSmash was born: a big idea, and a stupid domain name that happened to be available.

Well, the ideology was nice, I suppose. A site that accomplishes the above, however, requires a lot of work; and once the site itself is functional, you need that magical, intangible quality that inspires a community to contribute. So after rebuilding the site 4 or 5 times with a hodgepodge of features like social bookmarking, multi-user blogging, project landing pages, etc., (and never once achieving anything that even I was motivated to use) I went back to the drawing board. With an eraser, that is. With a desire to finally see something through to production, and a brutally honest evaluation of what this site actually needed to launch, all that survived is this: a blog. In the future I still hope to grow this site into much more, but for now it's actually public, and I'm going to call that a victory.

Who is DevSmash for?

Well, if you've made it this far, I suppose that "developers" is a given. My own interests tend to center around Open Source technologies, interactive analytics, MongoDB, Node.js, and JavaScript in general. Moving forward, I suspect that most of the content will tend towards these topics.

Who is Jeremy Martin?

This information is also available on the about page, but in short, I'm the maintainer of this site. I'm a software developer, full-stack scalability nut, Node.js enthusiast and contributor, Open Source Evangelist at SPARC, LLC (the best place to work in South Carolina!), and husband to the greatest gal on the planet.

Thanks again for visiting!

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